A little bit of help goes a long way

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A little bit of help goes a long way

Unread post by Jstano » Fri May 09, 2008 10:52 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am a Peace Corps volunteer currently serving in Honduras working on HIV/AIDS and child survival programs. Over the past few weeks there has been a growing interest among some of the people in my community for some english classes. I think its a great idea and would like to jump right on it, but Im not really sure where to begin. As of now, there are a couple of people that are seriously interested and their current english level is zero. If anyone could point me in the right direction, or has any idea where is a good place to start, I would really appreciate it.

I was thinking that the alphabet (emphasing pronunciation),vocabulary, and basic greetings would be a good starting point. As I have learned from some of the ESL resources online, a clear cut objective is most important, and will be established for each lesson.

Thanks very much and best of luck to you all

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Re: A little bit of help goes a long way

Unread post by Syl » Sun May 11, 2008 3:04 pm

Hi there, Jstano!

I'm practically copying a post I wrote in another Forum, replying exactly to a very similar question like yours:

I'm subscribed to the Oxford University Press - in the English File Team.

I get tons of material in the email, ideas, articles, lesson plans. I was at their site a moment ago ( http://www.oup.com/ ) and there are many interesting things about teaching adult beginners. I strongly recommend the subscription, it's free, it takes a couple of minutes and it's very useful to every teacher:)

This is the url with the article I was reading

http://www.oup.com/elt/teachersclub/art ... ?cc=global

but to access there's need to subscribe.

Good luck!!!:)

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