The changing times.

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The changing times.

Unread post by Nersi » Sat Apr 25, 2009 7:24 am

With the miraculous advance in communication technology the teacher finds tradititional approaches to language learning disasterously insufficient. After 20 years of teaching I find a lot missing in my instructions, and sometimes I wonder what future teachers would thinks of us when they see how little we made use of the resources that we had available to us. I want to make the proposal to all teachers to provide feedback for our profession by innovative techniques they have employed that have had effective results in their real-life teaching.
I myself have tried forums, online data banks, and chat for enhancing classroom activities with mixed results. I am sure we can think of ways to speed up language learning more by informal situations either created in a classroom setting or online.
Your comments and experiences could help all of us have a more comprehensive collective knowledge in the future.

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