Airfare, accomodation, insurance

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Airfare, accomodation, insurance

Unread post by alexwmill » Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:02 am

Hello and thank you for reading my post. I am a new ESL teacher and at this time I am starting to plan my first trip abroad. I am considering a 6-month contract and would like to work at one of the Eastern European countries.
Could anyone who already has worked at several countries as an ESL teacher answer a few of my questions please:
1. As a rule, would airfare be paid by the employer or by the ESL treacher? If by employer, would it be customary to get reimbursed once the contract has been completed?
2. What about living accomodation? Would it be, as a rule, my expence, or would it be covered by the employer/school?
3. And finally, health and travel insurance...again the same question...would it be my responsibility to pay for it, or employer's?
Thank you so much again for reading and hopefully answering...any advise regarding the above questions would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Airfare, accomodation, insurance

Unread post by becki » Mon Nov 05, 2012 8:43 am

I've been teaching overseas for over ten years, mostly in Asia. While I don't have any experience in eastern Europe, I believe conditions are fairly similar. I think it's important to note that there really are not any standards, but what I would classify "good jobs" and "not so good jobs". I'll discuss the good jobs.

1. Out of the many jobs I've had, most have paid for airfare. For a few jobs, I had to wait a certain amount of time before I would get reimbursed, such as at the end of the contract. If the employer is willing to pay for airfare at all, it is probably a decent company/school.

2. Some employers will set you up with accommodation, while others will help you look for a place to live. In Japan, most employers will give a housing allowance of around 10,000 yen. In China, I had housing provided at no cost. On the other hand, in Thailand, housing is at the expense of the individual. So, this question really depends on the country where you are going.

3. I've had a health insurance plan at every job. Most health insurance plans do not include travel insurance, so you are not covered when you leave the country where you are living.

These are all important points to consider, but also ask questions about the actual job. It's good to know how many hours you will be required to teach, and if those hours are in 8-hour blocks.

Best of luck!
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