Grammar videos for English learnes

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Grammar videos for English learnes

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I taught English for 50 years, much of it in Thailand and Malaysia where the native languages are very different from English. Techniques focusing on grammatical form didn't work well and I quickly became interested in meaning. Now in retirement, I finally have time to put what I have learned into videos and they might be of interest to your students. The latest is "Understanding the present perfect" and it illustrates well my focus on meaning. You will find some explanation at the beginning, but I've include many colorful examples and one activity that was always a winner in my classes. Just make sure your students go beyond the first minute.

You'll notice that my target audience is video gamers whose first language is not English. That is because I am working with my son on a project called Real English for Gamers. It is a serious language project, however, and you don't need to be a gamer to benefit. You'll find the grammar material here:
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