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CV advice

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Hello everyone

I was wondering if I could get some solid advice on writing a CV for a TEFL job. I have done my research already but a lot of the advice I’ve found online has been contradictory. Is there anything I definitely need on my CV? Is there a definitive way to order it?

I have recently got my CELTA but apart from that I don’t have any teaching experience. I have a degree but it’s not related to teaching. I’ve tried to highlight transferable skills when listing my previous jobs. I have done a lot of bar-work in the past…I’m wondering if I should maybe leave one or two of these out of my CV as the repetitiveness of it could look bad?

I also spent a year at university doing a course I didn’t like(I finished the first year of it but switched to a different course in September). I was wondering if I should mention this somewhere on the CV to explain what I was doing in that time-period?

Being from Northern Ireland, I am eligible for Irish and British citizenship and I have both passports. I was wondering if it would be in any way helpful to mention both of these? I’ve been told it’s necessary to mention nationality on TEFL CVs.

Anyways, any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: CV advice

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I am not an expert in CV writing but as a teacher of English I may advise that your resume should in most cases be tailor made or customized for every particular job you apply for. That means, highlighting personal atrributes, skills and competencies that would convince the prospective employer that you meet the requirements of that specific job.
Well, it is advisable to have a master CV but some of the skills in some of the jobs may not fit in with other jobs. For instance the experiences in your earlier bar-job may have very little to do with teaching, in any case, it might conflict with your prospective job as a teacher.
I agree you need to state your nationality or status of your passport in your CV. Eg US passport etc.Driving licence status and sometimes have a photo image of yourself on the CV.
Concerning the format, Google eg English teachers CV samples or ESL CV templates and pick what's important in some of the CVs.
Have a pleasant day.
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