pen-pals needed for a school forum and chat!

For teachers seeking other teachers for correspondence or to set up inter-school projects such as penpals or chat.

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pen-pals needed for a school forum and chat!

Unread post by ekgoryuk » Mon Apr 04, 2011 10:51 pm

Dear english teachers!
i'd really like to find some pen pals for my students down here in Kamchatka, Russia! we have a language center here and teach english among other subjects to gifted children. One of my students set up a forum with chat - it's in english and works for educational purposes only. students need to register and then they can browse the whole forum and add posts in different topics. there's also a possibility to chat - it would be great to set up some specific time and give our students a chance to better practice their english with each other! i would like to pair up with some schools abroad and make this a joint-project, what do you say?
here is the address of the forum: you need a registration to see the whole thing, but it's an easy enough process! for any questions or propositions please feel free to write me at )

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