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Can someboy help me with these questions

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Can someboy help me with these questions

Unread postby EmmaP » Thu May 08, 2014 6:33 am

Hi, My name is Emma,
Can somebody please help me choosing the right answers. :?

Choose from the following:
a: Presentation, Practice, Production
b: The Direct Method
c: The Communicative Method
d: The Grammer Translatin Method
e: Test-Teach-Test
f: Task Based Learning
g:The Eclectic Method
h:The Silent Way
i: The Audio Lingual Method
j: Total Pysical Response

1: The teacher asks their students to stand, sit, dance, run, clap and shout – which they do. The class then play a game of Simon Says taking it in turns to lead the activity.
Answer: .....................................

2: The teacher presents sentences to the class and asks them all to repeat, firstly as a group and then individually with the teacher providing feedback on accuracy and pronunciation. The approach is teacher led and focusses largely on repetition of core structures and sentences – not only in the classroom but also in language labs where available
Answer: .....................................

3: The teacher aims to be as quiet as possible in the classroom allowing their students to produce as much language as possible through exploration with minimal instructions. Cuisenaire rods can be used to represent word forms or structures but the focus is on experimentation by the learners using the blocks of language that have been introduced
Answer: .....................................

4: The teacher works hard to ensure that as many activities as possible focus on interaction in the classroom with this interaction being both the means and the goal of learning the language. Activities used will include role play, interviews, games, activities and pair work. The ability to interact in the new language is the key to all that is done in the classroom
Answer: .....................................

5: A teacher varies the techniques and approaches they use in the classroom based on what they believe works best for different items they are teaching and the students in the class. Some activities may focus on grammatical accuracy, others on fluency and others on tasks and projects.
Answer: .....................................

6: The teacher asks the students to work through an activity comparing the present perfect with the present perfect continuous. Errors are picked up and the teacher presents the grammatical rules and then asks the students to practice in small groups.
Answer: .....................................

7: The teacher focusses most of their attention on grammatical points, often explaining rules in depth and in the learners L1 if possible. Learners begin by reading and writing with the teacher ensuring that mistakes are not made in the structure of the language produced, at the expense of fluency and verbal communication.
Answer: .....................................

8: A group of students are given a travel guide and asked to plan a 2 week holiday for next year and then to sell the holiday to other students in the class, focussing on reasons why their trip would be the best
Answer: .....................................

9: A method of teaching where L1 is never used, grammar is taught inductively, concrete vocabulary is introduced through demonstration, mime and pictures and abstract vocabulary is introduced through association of ideas
Answer: .....................................

10: The teacher introduces a new grammatical structure to the class through mime and pictures whilst modelling the actual sentence containing the new structure. The students drill this structure and are then given a short activity helping them to produce short sentences featuring the same grammatical point. The final activity involves the students producing their own sentences in pairs whilst the teacher walks around the class helping and providing feedback.
Answer: .....................................

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Re: Can someboy help me with these questions

Unread postby myvidentity » Fri Dec 05, 2014 2:31 pm


I think the answers are as follows:


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Re: Can someboy help me with these questions

Unread postby DianaDanab » Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:21 pm

hi is this true ?

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Re: Can someboy help me with these questions

Unread postby Lukd » Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:07 am

Hi!! I'm making the same test can anyone here help me to pass this test?

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Re: Can someboy help me with these questions

Unread postby charlie » Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:03 pm

hi please assist with this matching it.

The teacher pronounces a word and then gets the class to repeat the word together.
The teacher asks the students how they like to be corrected.
The teacher writes new vocabulary on the side of the whiteboard and leaves it on the board for the whole lesson.
The teacher encourages a discussion on web development to a group of e-commerce experts.
The teacher asks students to find out 5 pieces of information from 3 other students in the class.
The teacher sets up a series of role-plays for the students.
The teachers asks the students to look at pictures of different extreme weather before listening to a recording of a weather forecast.
The teacher plays a quick game of I-Spy at the beginning of the lesson.
The teacher elicits sentences using the structures / vocabulary that has just been taught.
The teacher introduces the students to a website featuring practice grammar tests.

A 'warmer' the get the class focussing on English

Answer 1

Modelling new vocabulary and drilling to ensure that the class can learn the correct pronunciation

Answer 2

Highlighting one of the aims of the lesson and ensuring that students have the time to refer to it throughout the lesson

Answer 3

Giving the students the opportunity to practise the language that has been taught or introduced

Answer 4

Personalising the lesson to the students interests and knowledge

Answer 5

Providing a reason for students to talk in English to each other

Answer 6

Giving the students guidance and tools to develop their learning on their own

Answer 7

Finding out about the students learning preferences

Answer 8

Setting the scene and allowing the students to think of vocabulary and structures that may be relevant

Answer 9

Checking that the class have understood the language points that have been taught

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Re: Can someboy help me with these questions

Unread postby Colt » Thu Jan 19, 2017 3:14 am

Please does some one the answers to the final test!!??
I failed with 65 percent both these questions up there I failed I used those ansers I failed with 67
I do not know how what so ever sounds impossible!

But please if someone has the proper answers or just enough to get me 75 percent or more, I have one attempt left with I-to-I TEFL, I already did my lesson plan an essay


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Re: Can someboy help me with these questions

Unread postby chausarah » Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:09 pm

Hey Colt I was wondering if you ever figured out the answers and if you have a copy of your lesson plan still. If you can PM me or reply I would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: Can someboy help me with these questions

Unread postby jimmyjam » Tue Aug 22, 2017 8:25 pm

For the following questions, match the problem (1 - 4) with the solution (a - d):

The two Japanese students in your class are continually talking to each other in Japanese throughout the class and it’s negatively impacting their learning
Your class don’t seem interested in the activity you have asked them to do
Your class is being dominated by the two strongest students meaning the ‘weaker’ students are not getting to practice enough
Some of the students are working too slowly and not completing tasks
Re-arrange who each student sits next to thinking carefully about keeping those with the same L1 apart

Answer 1
Ask your students about the topics and activities that would interest them

Answer 2
Make sure that you manage the activities you set to give each member of the class a clear role and try to encourage all to contribute by changing the way you seek answers in feedback sessions

Answer 3
Ensure that you set clear time limits on activities and monitor each student's progress and ability carefully to ensure they understand activities and the language you are teaching

Answer 4

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