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What is the difference between GERUND vs PRESENT PARTICIPLE?

Questions from teachers about English grammar and usage

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What is the difference between GERUND vs PRESENT PARTICIPLE?

Unread postby Pheakdey » Sun Jul 27, 2008 3:29 pm

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am back here again within wondering about how to use GERUND vs PRESENT PARTICIPLE. I used to study them many times but I was still not realizing how to use them clearly. So by the following examples below I firmly hope that you all will explain me more about them. Please see....
1- Running every morning is good for health. Is "running"Gerund,right?
So what about this one more sentense?
2- He spends a whole day working. Is workingpresent participle,right?
These are the part of ones that I have been studying. And I wasn't still being aware of them, please help me and give me any suggestion.
I am looking forward to recieving your help and your consideration.

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