HELP - elementary school curriculum ideas!?

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HELP - elementary school curriculum ideas!?

Unread post by rgomm » Tue Sep 08, 2009 1:11 am

Hello Everyone :-)

I am new to EFL teaching. Having completed a short course I am now in China teaching! I am teaching 5 to 10 year olds but have been given very little help in terms of a curriculum. I have been asked to put together a Semester Plan for my Elementary Class (age 5/6) and am really struggling with what to teach them!? I am only meant to be teaching the speaking skills as other teachers are dealing with reading/writing.

Any ideas on what topics I can cover with them and how? Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thank you :-)

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Re: HELP - elementary school curriculum ideas!?

Unread post by danh » Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:07 pm

Hi, there

Good for you to take the plunge. Where in China are you?

Ok, how many classes do you have. How many weeks is the semester.

You are teaching Speaking and listening right. Two fundamentals of the English Language.

Start each lesson with a game.

Hang man. Get the class to interact with you.

5-10 mins doing this mins.

Start with trying to remember the students name. Gt them all to right down there name on a folded up piece of paper and put on the desk. Along with passing round a sheet asking the students to right down there name. Do this, no matter how large the class.

So over the semester you can try to remember who your students are.

Start writing simple sentences on the board eg/ Eating fruit is very healthy. What are some fruits you can think of. I think generally elentary students need to repeat sentences back. Like in a chanting way. What resources do you have/

Have you asked for a chinese teacher to help you to get started.

I will come up with some more ideas soon and get back to you.

Good Luck, and good on you, stay involved.


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