Listening: natural speech or artificially slow

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Listening: natural speech or artificially slow

Unread post by Nogueira » Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:12 pm

I would like to know your opinions about listening exercises for basic and intermediate students. The methodology of the course I work for uses "real data", so whenever we work with recorded spoken dialogue or texts they are supposed to be as close to reality as possible. That of course means that the students will have many doubts, but the goal is to make them get used to the "real thing" early on, even if they face troubles with vocabulary. I teach adult classes by the way.

I've been listening to a Podcast and their approach is the opposite: the dialogue is spoken at an extremely slow speed. the speech sounds so fake that I fear if I were to use it with students they would eventually expect English speakers to sound like that in everyday life or lose their confidence to understand someone speaking in a natural speed.

What are your opinions regarding how we should present spoken English to students? Is it better to be sure they understand every single syllable or to give them a taste of the real world stuff, even if it scares them at first?
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