Help please....

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Help please....

Unread post by tangled » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:03 pm

Hello there, How are you doing guys...

I really would like to thank first , because I have seen that this board is really useful.
I need help guys, I want to know how to write an annual plan for a curriculum . My supervisor , doesn't teach me and whenever I ask her she says surf on the internet and find a good format. Besdies , we have an example of an annual plan in the book, but still I wana know or see some examples from you guys .

so if you don't mind, I need know what is the annual plan ( i know what is it but I want to see some of opinions which can help me to gain suitble understaning of my own)

what kind of information should we represent specifically in the plan.
should the annual plan written in full details?

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