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Volunteer Class

Unread post by Euanv » Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:14 am

Hi All

i wonder if anyone could give me a little advice on something...

I'm a new ESL teacher. i moved to Tainan, Taiwan for my first job a little over three months ago; however, my school is still being built (she was very optomistic about the time frame) so i have nothing to do with my days...

recently, i managed to find some volunteer work at a Christian association that runs a sort of youth club for Taiwanese children.

Anyway, i went today and they asked me to deliver a class.

They don't really want me to deliver an english class per se because all the children are at such different ages and English abilities.

Instead, they just want them to get to know a foreigner and maybe teach them some small fun things whilst practising the English that they know.

I haven't delivered many classes before so i thought that i would post here to see if anyone had any suggestions for my class.

It's going to be an hour and a half. I thought that we could play some school-yard games, and learn some nursery rhymes but i think i need something more to fill the time. Maybe some Arts and Crafts.

Anyway, i'm trying to plan this lesson, so i would be very grateful if anyone could offer any advice. Has anyone done anything like this before???

Thanks for reading

Best wishes


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