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texts in classroom

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texts in classroom

Unread postby scarlet862 » Sat Sep 16, 2006 1:42 pm


I have one question related to teaching English to 20 years old students: there are some texts to be taught but I am not sure whether I should do a model reading, let the students read the text aloud or simply ask them to do silent reading and answer some comprehension questions. What is the best method? Thank you for your suggestions.

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Unread postby Fathy » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:58 am

it depends on many variables, however two factors contribute most: the student's level of proficiency and the purpose of reading. if your students are at least elementery students and the purpose is reading comprehension, reading aloud doesn't help.
In my opinion, group work will help you on this regard. working in groups not only hepls students share their knowledge but also motivate them. if your text includes some independent parts you can give each part to one student. then ask students to read the text silently and underline new words. as the next step, place students with the same texts next to each other and tell them to ask for the meaning of new words from their groupmates. in the next step, make a new group in the way that students with different text be palced in one group. then ask them to explain their own text to their group members. finally, ask one person from each group (may be volunteerily)to explain the part s/he has studied in front of the class.

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