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Unread post by meylenlau » Mon Nov 13, 2006 1:26 pm

Pupils at that age range need fun learning,most of them are very active and playful,thus teacher has to crack his/her head to plan some fun learning activities to teach grammar and others language content.
Examples:- Teacher composes song using the language content that he/she wants to teach(use familiar tune , such as " Clementine", Marry had a little lamb"), sing along with them.
Groups competition , let them compete each other to answer gammar questions, children like to compete, reward the correct answers with marks/ stars.

They are many language games that you need discover to make your lesson interesting and at the same time pupils learn effectively.

You need to upgrade yourself with children psycology and pedogogy. Teaching proffession is not just teaching but lots of knowledge you need to study

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