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New Teacher in China - Damage fees in contract

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New Teacher in China - Damage fees in contract

Unread postby Hamzaben » Fri Nov 18, 2016 5:18 pm

Hello Everybody,

I am a new teacher in a Kindergarden in China. My boss just offered me a 1 year full time contract and I have quite a lot of questions about it. Especially regarding the legal aspect of the contract.

In the contract, it is written that if I decide to break my contract before 25 weeks, I will owe the school a damage fees of 4000 Rmb. For me it just sound bizarre and illegal. Should I really worry about this clause ? Some friends told me they never make you pay anyway...

Also I would like to have some advices of clauses that you personnaly like to add in the contract that may help me during my working period.

thanks a lot

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