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Rawd Al Saleheen

Unread post by webstuff4 » Thu Jun 07, 2007 4:05 am

Allow me to elaborate more about Rawd Al Saleheen School. This school has a VERY BIG problem called HUDA AL ALDLY. HUDA is the Head of the English department and she’s from Egypt. She does not speak English either! Now what image will the school reflect when the Head of the English department does not speak English? 99.5% of the words that she speaks which are supposed to be English are not in the English dictionary! The previous point was actually mentioned by many parents.
HUDA is an Arrogant, Selfish, Brainless, Black-hearted, Dictatorial, and most of all very “خبيثه". She will stab you in your back in a second.

Then you have to deal with HUDA’s little chess soldiers and spies like Somayah…etc. She’s no different than here… Most of the supervisors in the school do nothing but keep running PRETENDING to be busy….

Ahhhh I’m happy that I left the school.
I think the General Manager should sincerely think about transferring her to another job inside the school.

I heard that the school owner finally stopped hiring Egyptian since as you know they have a very bad accent and is now hiring good teachers so good for him. I also heard that the school is now very good and things are improving well since the new teachers are taking control from that HUDA.

I also have to admit that last year they hired a new Vice Principal which is amazing and intelligent and I believe she’s still in the school. The principal is also a very nice and down to earth lady.

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Re: Rawd Al Saleheen

Unread post by tinkywinky » Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:02 pm

webstuff4 I think I know what u mean...I met the person in question in 2006 and i was flabbergasted...HOD????????give me a break! it is a crime really
sounds like u worked there and had close experience with her, i just went thru an interview and a model lesson but her personality came across right away...consequently i turned down the job offer,it seems i did right:)
i am currently unemployed and looking for a job again.for a minute i thought of trying there again, luckily i saw ur post:)

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Re: Rawd Al Saleheen

Unread post by deanbush » Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:06 pm

As I have always suggested: If you don't like the principal, become the principal.

You did the right thing by leaving the school. Each school and organization has its own "culture" about it. It's obvious that you didn't research the school enough before beginning work with them to learn about this issue beforehand. The school principal should have learned more about YOUR qualities, interests, goals before hiring you to determine how you might fit into their culture. We learn from experiences, don't we?

I'm glad you left. In the future do your own homework first, then talk.


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