What is the difference between "read" and "to read"?

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What is the difference between "read" and "to read"?

Unread post by Pheakdey » Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:17 pm

Dear Sir/ Madam,
My name is Pheakdey, coming from Cambodia who is currently teaching English at private school. Now I was wondering about how to use the verbs, by the following sentences below:
1- The students read fast.
2- The students learned to read.
Read is not a verb in example 2 because it has to in front of it; to read is an infinitive.
So can some of you tell me what the differences between "read" and "to read" are?
And can you tell me what the infinitive is?
And what about the differences between "to-infinitive" and "bare infinitive" are?
This is the ways that I was wondering, by this way, not mean I have never studied them but I was still being unaware of them clearly. And I firmly hope that all of you will help me to cope with these problems. May you get good health, wealthy and wish you getting more improving in your teaching with successfully.
Best Regards

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