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Website Resource: Progressive ELT

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We are a group of ESL teachers who have recently built a website aimed at exploring the implications of English language teaching on a global level. We would like to inform your members about our activities as perhaps some would be interested in our work. Here is an overview of what we are doing:

"We live in a global village, and English is quickly becoming the most widely used language on the planet. The existence of a dominant global language is unprecedented in world history. Are you an ESL teacher, or thinking about becoming one? Do you have an interest in culture and language? If so, check out, a website that focuses on current issues surrounding the global ESL teaching industry. Everyone has a voice in our forums. Visit us and share your experiences, journeys and even your visions for learning and teaching ESL.

We believe that the manner in which English is taught around the world often serves to perpetuate inequality and power disparities between both people and countries, and are aware of the fact that few of us think deeply about this. We also know that this situation does not need to continue. We feel that the teaching and learning of English can foster greater equality and be a progressive force in our world. We hope that through this site teachers and students of English from around the world can meet together to learn about the implications of the current practice of English teaching. Through reflective and collaborative discussion, we hope to foster the development of an increased awareness of our actions as teachers of English, both globally and locally."

If you think our website may be of interest to your members, perhaps you could consider visiting or letting your colleges know about our site. We believe this topic of of great importance to our world today and hope to attract enough teachers working in the field to begin exploring it.
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