Computer Programs for Leaning English from Spanish

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Computer Programs for Leaning English from Spanish

Unread post by scolebo » Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:06 pm


Does anyone know any good computer programs for learning English
I am looking for a program that i can use to teach English from Spanish.
to be used as a re-enforcement of classes
I work in an institute and we have a program in our English lab but it's a bit slow.

I used a program for learning Spanish before, by "transparent language", which used immersion technique.
The program gave a phrase in Spanish, in both written form and over headphones,
you could record the phrase and the program checked your pronunciation.
I basically need the same thing turn inside-out (from Spanish to English).

Does anyone know any good programs like that, that use immersion technique (so that my students can make good gains in fluency)?
It doesn't need to be exactly like I described, i just want them to learn to speak. "just" haha

any help appreciated,

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