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Help needed for 60 y.o. beginner student

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Help needed for 60 y.o. beginner student

Unread postby Melpheas » Wed Oct 23, 2013 5:52 pm

Hi all :
I'm a French student in English Literature (2d year of studies) in France, and I occasionally give some English lessons to beginners. Lately I've been trying to teach a lady - a 60 year old woman - the rudiments of everyday language in order to enable her to travel to Australia, and make her way over there - she's very indepedent. The problem is that she has absolutely NO notions of English bases (as you may well know, English school teaching in France is rather limited) : no vocabulary, no knowlege of grammar nor syntax... and I'm quite disconcerted, because I ignore what I should start with. We've had three lessons already, but I think I'm going too fast : she needs to be taught how to build a correct sentence at present and past tense, interrogation and negation, and how to use the Wh- words correctly... In other words, the very beginning of it... Could someone please indicate me a website were I could find, if not a "method", at least some tips to start making things clearer to her ? I would be grateful to any help...

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Help needed for 60 y.o. beginner student

Unread postby Missaoui » Sun Oct 27, 2013 10:33 am

i think that you should start teaching her the basic things before. if you like contact me and i will give you some advices
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