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Unread postby GiddyGad » Sat Jul 15, 2006 9:26 pm

Never mind the typos, Reader. lol

Well, maybe for improvement of your own language...
BTW, do you know you can make corrections right in your post - there's an 'edit' button in the righthand upper corner. See? The one with scissors.

What's the system that you've invented? I'm sure you want to share it, don't you? I've got my own system which I can offer. Anyway, there's more than one way, you know, and sharing can be mutually beneficial.



Hi GiddyGad,

Unread postby reader1 » Sun Jul 16, 2006 12:54 pm

First thanks for your nice reply. Then I have to write that I cannot see any "edit" button anywhere on my screen:(. I have only "preview" and "submit". Probably I should use the first button oftener. Who knows?
As deals my system of teaching English it goes like:
the simplier the better.
I think reading should be difficult and full of new vocabulary, then dialogue-exercises to practise new words and structures. Grammar is different problem. Sometimes grammar should be explained before a new reading and OBLIGATORY each student-book should have a dictionary and all words explained. AMEN.

Besides I have to say, it is rather hard to me to teach English cause I never planned to be any English teacher. I simply needed English to read about latest discoveries dealing my subject.
I don't know many of the words that are being used by English philologists. Many of these complicated words to write complicated things valid for philologists are still a mystery to me.
Once I even started afterdiploma studies to gain some better skills within philological way of thinking about world but truly speaking I didn't better myself there:(. I even don't try to guess why.

So comming back to Conditionals I think it is very hard to WRITE you any picture here but I am always using three short sentences to describe each conditional:
I. condition possible to fulfill
II. condition IN THEORY possible to fulfill
III. condition not possible to fulfill (TOO LATE)

and next I am writing a graph...how can I send it too you? It is difficult to send:(
Once again thanks for your nice letter,

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Unread postby GiddyGad » Mon Jul 17, 2006 10:06 pm

Now Reader,

Those buttons ([Submit] and [Preview])are only visible before you post the message. You usually need the [edit] button after you have submitted it, don't you?

Submit your post, then look above it, on the right. You will see two buttons there: [edit] and [quote]. If your message is the last in the thread, there will be one more button - [delete]. You can't miss it.

Good luck




Unread postby reader1 » Wed Jul 19, 2006 9:32 am

Hello GiddyGad,
thanks for your nice piece of advice. I am not sure what are you driving at but thank you very much indeed:)
Today with my 2 favourite students we have learnt about road signs and traffic (with the younger) and about dangerous jobs with the older. Skywalker, smoke jumper- I have never heard about such jobs before:(.
Skywalkers - I thought such people were like bunge-jumpers - they simply like unnecessary risk.
I probably heard about the other job but also not too much.
That's all. Conditionals are very difficult to use for the older. Besides she has so many problems with vocabulary that I wonder how she copes at school at all. I am not thinking only about English lessons.
But somehow she copes:)


hi teachers,

Unread postby reader1 » Thu Jul 20, 2006 9:32 am

well... next lessons are over.
I find the readings we read very interesting. Really.
They are so wise and full of things to think about.
With the younger we read about "cars- for or against" and how cars contributed to the end of this world.
I mean it was a reading about a class-visit at car-museum. And the next day the class would be about to visit biological section with models of tigers and lephants, real cats and dogs and...the special exhibiton at the end of this section included last 5 specimen of people who weren't allowed to have kids and after their death there was no other people at all:(.
The reading had a title "Tomorrow" and the poor 13 year old kid wasn't able to guess at first what was the whole mess about. She was sure they all had been in the...classroom.
The older has readings about US - racial segragation, geography. Today we have read about Indian woodcarving and another sad story about poor orphan who had fled from his uncle to the circus were his life was even worse:( But people were giving him tips and the chance for improvement (another escpae) appeared.
Well... I think that the readings in the book of the older girl are really spiked with vacabulary and she normally moans each time I open the book.



Unread postby reader1 » Sat Jul 22, 2006 9:20 am

today a day off in my teaching 3 lingual girls.
Yesterday they wanted to go to the local market but weren't able to catch me on the phone a day before so only one went and the other spent two hours learning English.
Well... we made a fine progress in her school book during this time. We learnt about hmmm....general directions and rules of international trade around XVI -XVII century.
I always wondered how these American plantators were able to catch so many naive Afro-Americans to work hard on their tobacco fields.
Yesterday I guessed it at last. Better late than never-they say.
Well... I have to say that we also learnt about many other things, persons and events.
For example I didn't know potato comes from America. I don't know why I always thought potato comes from ...I don't know where but thinking about potatos I always had Ireland in my brain:(. Yesterday I learnt I was wrong again:(
You can read it here:
history of potato
We also learnt about Pocahontas story. There was a movie about this historical woman some time ago. Rather famous movie. But it didn't interest me somehow. However yesterday I discovered that Pocahontas was a really tragic person and I still think about her and how great Britain killed her in her young years.:(

Besides we learnt about New Orelans origins and how French, Spaniards, Irishmen and Germans established it. We got to know what is Creoli culture and read one receipt for Creoli dish.
Well... these school books are really good. We can learn from them that native Americans had taught white people almost everything and then were killed by them with the help of their guns.
A very useful lesson, indeed.




Unread postby reader1 » Mon Jul 24, 2006 10:11 am

what I can see in this forum is that a lot of spam appears here. People write bad letters about many bad things like gambling and other criminal activities etc. I should protest against it!
I would like also to encourage you to read my letters. They contain certain amount of language errors but are rather useful as it seems to me and you can find a lot of priceless pieces of information inside them.
Today for example I would like to present you Rosa Parks- a very famous American woman.
She was very brave and stuborn and died merely last year. She changed US we can say.
Rosa Parks story

Well ...I must say that it seems to me it used to be easier to change US some years ago than any other country in the world. It also came with some difficulty that demanaded mostly courage of other people to join this solitary woman. But it finally paid.
Well.. it should be a pattern to follow for many nations in this world but it will never be cause these nations are simply too corrupted to understand what does it mean to be honest in life. So I think that in their case taxi drivers would use the boycott of all cars and let people to pay even more for rides in hard times.
Maybe I am mistaken ( I would like to be mistaken) but I am sadly sure I am damn right again:(
:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

PS. I also would like to see something about 5000 readers who read this letter - a sort of calling in the desert of mine - but there are merely 700 of openings uptill now:(((
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


little correction of my previous post,

Unread postby reader1 » Mon Jul 24, 2006 10:16 am

That's me again - I corrected with the red colour one word that I had written wrong one post earlier.

So I think that in their case taxi drivers would use the boycott of all BUSES and let people to pay even more for rides in hard times.

Have a nice learning day,



Unread postby reader1 » Tue Jul 25, 2006 10:30 am

For those who are worried about the eventual lenght of my thread - I want to soothe you - soon my favourite learners will leave my precious country for another one and the thread will be stopped for some months:(.
But one day they will come back - it is sure. Maybe by that time they will have had new books -as much interesting as the ones we use these days? :roll: :roll: :roll:
I hope.
Today we learnt about The Brits and the sea.
I liked this reading very much. I was reminded there that William the Conqueror was the last Frenchman and foreigner who attacked Greain Britain and won it (what worse).
Taking into account my latest rising interest in Monty Python jokes I need to check if this famous troop has any joke about William the Conqueror. they have great joke about French cuisine but I couldn't notice any joke about famous Frenchman William the Conqueror:(. Interesting- why.
:roll: :roll: :roll:
ps. of course in German school book you will be taught "it is difficult to attack Great Britain cause it is an island. In the past there were no ferries and airplanes that we have nowadays. "
Specially those ferries interested me. Well.. I would also like to read a bit about English pirates but any word about them till now. So as I can deduce till today Germans aren't specially interested in "the sea" topics.
Nice day,


hi teachers,

Unread postby reader1 » Sun Jul 30, 2006 6:24 am

for the last few days I had troubles with starting English club webside so I stopped this plot. The younger girl has already gone away cause she is starting school on 9th August. The older wants to be taught grammar. We almost finished her schoolbooks as deals reading. Some of them were worse than cruel.
One made me feeling normally indignant!:(((
But what I discovered is the older girl seems to me to have dyslexia. She herself stated that she made "stupid mistakes" on written tests. She doesn't like going to school and even doesn't know where the school starts!
Yes - her "stupid mistakes"...
When the younger girl had gone and only the older came to have her lesson I noticed that she changes
letter "o" and "u" when she reads. The same story with letter " r" and "l".
Example - when she reads English word "grass" she translates it as a "glass".
The same is with "sun" that is time and again translated as "son".
I printed out some online dyslexia tests and I found out that she can suffer from this disorder.
I don't know what school dyslexia tests look like but I think she should suggest to a school pedagogist that she has some problems with letters.
She is a smart girl who makes "stupid" mistakes.
There also also some other clues that she may be dyslectic pupil.
:roll: :roll: :roll:

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