This Week in History

This Week in History

Communists Depose Russian Rulers

25 October 1917

Communists led by Vladimir Lenin bring down the Russian government.

In 1917, Bolshevik communists led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin stormed the Winter Palace in St Petersburg and deposed the provisional Kerensky government. Despite strong support in St Petersburg and Moscow, they couldn't gain control over the entire country and civil war soon broke out. The conflict continued until 1920 when the communists finally gained control of the country as a whole.

depose (verb): remove from office; overthrow
communists (noun): people who want collective rather than private ownership of resources
storm (verb): attack rapidly and with great force; go in very fast
provisional (adjective): short term or temporary
break out (verb): begin suddenly (conflict)

Test your understanding:

In 1917 the communists deposed the Kerensky government by

  1. starting a civil war
  2. storming the Winter Palace
  3. gaining control of the whole country

Following the events of 1917, Russia's people fought among themselves for control of their country for

  1. one year
  2. nearly two years
  3. over three years

The communists believed that their country's wealth and resources should be

  1. shared by all the people
  2. owned by government officials
  3. sold to private companies

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