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This Week in History

This Week in History

17 October 1961

Protesting Algerians Shot Dead In Paris

French police kill up to 400 people marching in support of Algeria's independence.

In 1961, French police killed several hundred Algerians in the streets of Paris. The victims were marching in a peaceful demonstration against French colonial rule in their homeland. More than 10,000 others were arrested, some of whom died while being held in jail. In 1962, Algeria finally became an independent country after over 100 years of French colonization.

protest (verb): show disapproval or objection
independence (noun): the state of being free from another person's control
demonstration (noun): an organized act of protest
colonial rule (noun): a system in which one country has power over another country
colonization (noun): the sending of settlers to control and exploit a country and its people

Test your understanding:

The hundreds of people who were killed by French police in the streets of Paris were

  1. peaceful demonstrators
  2. violent criminals
  3. dangerous terrorists

The victims were killed, beaten or arrested while protesting against French colonial rule in

  1. Paris
  2. Vietnam
  3. Algeria

Colonial rule occurs when a powerful country invades and takes control of a weaker country in order to

  1. help the country and its people to develop
  2. gain wealth by exploiting the country's resources
  3. learn about the country's history and culture

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