This Week in HistoryThis Week in History: Week 05 (30 January 1948)

Mahatma Gandhi Is Assassinated

Indian pro-independence activist and leader Mahatma Gandhi is assassinated in New Delhi.

In 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was shot by a Hindu radical while attending prayers in New Delhi. His death came the year after India became independent after nearly 200 years of British colonial rule. Gandhi was a major force in the independence movement, advocating strictly non-violent methods in the struggle for freedom.

assassinate (verb): kill someone important for political or religious reasons
pro-independence (adjective): supporting a country's right to be free from another country
activist (noun): a person who openly exhibits his or her beliefs and concerns
radical (noun): a person who takes extreme measures to fight for change in society
advocate (verb): show one's support for

Mahatma Gandhi

Mini Quiz

1. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated
a) before India gained freedom from British rule
b) after India gained freedom from British rule
c) while India was gaining freedom from British rule

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2. Gandhi advocated the use of
a) non-violence in the independence movement
b) independence in the non-violence movement
c) force in the independence movement

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3. A pro-independence activist is someone who
a) supports independence activists
b) acts independently of other activists
c) plays an active role in a pro-independence movement

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