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Air Travel Vocabulary

Here are twenty words and terms often used in air travel.

1 aisle n. corridor in aeroplane between the seats [there are usually one or two]
2 baggage claim n. place where passengers go to find their luggage (cases etc) at the end of a flight
3 board v. to get on or enter an aeroplane - on board adv.
4 boarding pass n. special ticket showing that passenger has checked in and may board plane
5 check in v. to register for a flight, inc. checking of tickets, passports, luggage etc - also n.
6 confirmation n. passenger's telephone validation of return reservation; reconfirmation
7 departures board n. large display in airport showing times, destinations etc of departing flights
8 domestic adj. national, not international [a domestic flight is entirely within one country]
9 duty free adj. [of products: cigarettes, perfume etc] not taxable; exempt from customs taxes
10 excess baggage n. luggage that is more than the permitted or allowed weight
11 flight n. an aeroplane scheduled to fly a certain route at a certain time
12 gate n. the point in an airport at which a particular flight arrives and departs
13 hand luggage n. light bags, briefcases etc that may be carried on board by passengers
14 IATA abbr. International Air Transport Association
15 immigration officer n. government official responsible for checking passengers' passports
16 jet lag n. extreme tiredness etc after a long flight between extreme time zones
17 runway n. the strip on which planes land and take off
18 stopover n. a break for a day or two on an international flight
19 ticket n. receipt for transportation etc. An air ticket has one coupon for each journey
20 transit n. A transit passenger is one stopping at an airport that is not his destination