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Publishing Vocabulary

Here are twenty words and terms often used in publishing.

1 © copyright n. exclusive, legal right of an author to the publication of his work - also v.
2 author n. the person who writes or originates something (book, article, poem etc)
3 bind v. [bound, bound] to put pages of a book together after printing - binding n.
4 blurb n. short, promotional description of a book usually printed on its jacket
5 chapter n. one of the main divisions or sections of a book
6 contents n. table of contents list of chapters etc at front of book
7 edit v. to check, modify and generally prepare written material for publication - editor n.
8 fiction n. writing that describes imaginary events & people - fictional adj. see non-fiction
9 front cover n. first, outside part of a book's jacket carrying the title, author's name etc
10 hardback n. a book with hard, stiff covers made of board - also adj.
11 index n. alphabetical list of words, names etc at end of book with page numbers - also v.
12 inside front cover n. front flap of the book's jacket, sometimes carrying the blurb - IFC abbr.
13 jacket n. the protective paper cover supplied with most hardbacks - dust jacket n.
14 non-fiction n. writing about real, unimagined events [eg: history, biography etc] - see fiction
15 paperback n. a book with soft, flexible covers made of paper or card - also adj.
16 spine n. the part of a book's jacket that usually faces outwards on a shelf
17 title n. the name of a book, chapter, poem etc
18 title page n. the page of a book (usually the 3rd) that carries the title in large type
19 type n. printing type system of letters (a, b, c etc) for printing text - typeface n.
20 typeset v. [-set, -set] to set in type [eg: to change handwriting to type] - also adj.