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Animal Terms Easy List

Here are words that we use for some of the most common animals. (Longer List)

Animal Plural Male Female Young
ant ants winged male, aner queen, worker antling
bird birds cock hen nestling, fledgling
cat cats tom queen kitten
chicken chickens rooster hen chick
cow cattle bull cow calf
dog dogs dog bitch puppy, pup
elephant elephants bull cow calf
fish fish, fishes male female fry (plural noun)
fox foxes dog, reynard vixen cub
horse horses stallion, colt (young) mare, filly (young) foal
kangaroo kangaroos buck doe joey
lion lions lion lioness cub
monkey monkeys male female infant
penguin penguins male female chick
pig pigs boar sow suckling, piglet
rabbit rabbits buck roe bunny, bunny rabbit
sheep sheep ram ewe lamb
tiger tigers tiger tigress cub, whelp
whale whales bull cow calf
wolf wolves dog bitch cub

Longer list of animal terms, including collective terms describing groups of animals

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