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Time Collocations Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. He arrived exactly at 11am, a) bang b) straight on time.
2. What do you do in your a) free b) loose time?
3. We couldn't finish because we a) ran through b) ran out of time.
4. If we take this short cut we'll a) grow b) save some time.
5. I a) damaged b) wasted time, and now doth time waste me. (Shakespeare)
6. There have been several burglaries in the a) past few b) few past weeks.
7. The Internet was developed in the a) last 20th b) late 20th century.
8. They have no time. They work a) from dawn to b) from day to dusk.
9. You'll forget it a) when time comes b) as time goes by.
10. Can you a) make time b) cut time for me this weekend?