Lists of Common Words

These lists of high-frequency words are drawn from various sources, and mainly based on a national corpus (British or American). A corpus is a collection of texts and recorded speech consisting of tens of millions of words. From such a large volume of data, it is possible to calculate the frequency with which words occur in a language. Inevitably, not all corpuses are identical or agree with one another, and you may notice minor differences in frequency or rank within these lists. Such differences are insignificant.

These lists are indicative only and actual words may change over time.

25 Most Common Verbs

25 Most Common Nouns

25 Most Common Adjectives

25 Most Common Adverbs

25 Most Common Prepositions

25 Most Common Pronouns

25 Most Common Conjunctions

24 Most Common Numbers

10 Most Common Interjections

100 Most Common Words