Other Contractions

Here are some examples showing some very common contractions. You can also listen to the Contraction Blues song below, with subtitles.

contracted short form original long form example sentence
here's here is Here's your meal.
how'd how did How'd you feel yesterday?
how would How'd she react if you told her?
how's how does How's he get to school?
how is How's your wife?
that'll that will That'll be $10, please.
that's that is That's my car.
there'll there will There'll be nobody here tomorrow.
there's there is There's a taxi.
what'll what will What'll people think?
what's what has Nobody understands what's happened.
what is What's the matter?
when's when is When's the wedding?
where's where is Where's the cinema?
who'd who would Who'd like ice-cream?
who'll who will I don't know who'll be there.
who's who is That's Matt who's leaving.
Who's your teacher?
It is also possible, and quite common in speech, to contract three words, for example:
I'd've thought so = I would have thought so

Listen to Contraction Blues with subtitles:
here's, there'll, there's, that's, that'll, how's, what'll...


One, two...

You say here is, I say here's
You say there will, I say there'll
You say there is, I say there's
You say that is, I say that's
You say that will, I say that'll
You say how is, I say how's
You say what will, I say what'll

Yeah, what'll happen if I change "I" and "you" around?

Here we go.

One, two, three...

I say here is, you say here's
I say there will, you say there'll
I say there is, you say there's
I say that is, you say that's
I say that will, you say that'll
I say how is, you say how's
I say what will, you say what'll

And together baby, we just sang the Contraction Blues song