Criminals Vocabulary Quiz

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1. A criminal is a person who has _______ the law.

a) committed b) offended c) broken

2. Criminals can also be called law breakers or _______ .

a) lawyers b) offenders c) baddies

3. What can we call someone who steals?

a thief
a theft
a thieve
a) a thief b) a theft c) a thieve

4. Tommy can bump into someone and take their wallet without their knowing. What is he?

a burglar
a pickpocket
a mugger
a) a burglar b) a pickpocket c) a mugger

5. Betsy had no money to buy food for her kids, so she took it from a supermarket without paying. What was her crime?

being poor
a) kidnapping b) being poor c) shoplifting

6. What do we call someone who sells illegal drugs?

a drug dealer
a drug user
a drug taker
a) a drug dealer b) a drug user c) a drug taker

7. What kind of criminal is a businessman who imports goods without paying tax?

a forger
a smuggler
a deserter
a) a forger b) a smuggler c) a deserter

8. In 2001, Saudi Arabian terrorists led an attack on the USA in which passenger airlines were _______ and crashed into buildings.

a) vandalized b) kidnapped c) hijacked

9. Jack breaks into rich people's homes and steals money and jewellery. He's an expert at

a) burglary b) treachery c) bigamy

10. A professional killer who's paid to murder people for political reasons is called

a soldier
a spy
an assassin
a) a soldier b) a spy c) an assassin

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