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Criminals Vocab

Most countries have laws (official rules set by the government). Together, these laws are called "the Law". When people disobey the Law, we say that they "break the law", and we call such people "law breakers" or "criminals". Breaking the law is a "crime".

This criminal (noun) does this... The crime (noun) The action (verb)
accomplice helps another person to commit a crime aiding and abetting to aid and abet
arsonist sets fire to other people's property illegally arson to commit arson
assassin kills people for political reasons, or in return for payment assassination to assassinate
bigamist marries more than one person at the same time bigamy to commit bigamy
burglar breaks in to buildings to steal burglary to burgle
deserter is a member of the armed forces who leaves without permission desertion to desert
drug dealer buys and sells illegal drugs drug dealing to deal in drugs
forger makes fake money or documents forgery to forge
gangster is a member of a violent criminal gang (group) gangsterism -
hijacker takes control of a vehicle (plane, ship etc) by force and diverts it hijacking to hijack
hooligan is a violent young troublemaker hooliganism -
kidnapper takes people away by force and demands money to free them kidnapping to kidnap
mugger attacks and robs people in a public place mugging to mug
murderer deliberately kills another person murder to murder
offender is anybody who breaks the law committing an offence to offend
pickpocket steals money etc from other people's pockets pickpocketing to pickpocket
robber steals money etc, using force or the threat of force robbery to rob
shoplifter steals goods from a shop while pretending to be a customer shoplifting to shoplift
smuggler moves goods illegally into or out of a country without paying tax smuggling to smuggle
spy secretly gets information about another country spying to spy
industrial spy secretly gets information about a company industrial spying to spy
stowaway hides on a plane or ship to travel secretly and free stowing away to stow away
terrorist uses violence for political reasons terrorism to commit terrorism
thief steals property from other people (without using violence) theft to thieve
traitor betrays his country to another country treachery to betray
vandal deliberately destroys or damages public property vandalism to vandalize

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