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gross/net Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Before they added the service charge, the a) gross b) net cost was only $25.
2. Fedex will charge you for shipping that by the total or a) gross b) net weight.
3. The a) gross b) net pay I take home after all those taxes is hardly worth working for.
4. It's $100 but there's a delivery charge so the a) gross b) net sum is $120.
5. What a swindle! When you remove all this fancy packaging the a) gross b) net weight is only 1kg.
6. The a) gross b) net weight of the car, including fuel and everything, is 2500kg.
7. A cup of tea is $1 plus 25 cents tax so the a) gross b) net price should be $1.25.
8. They deducted $100 from the $500 I earned so my a) gross b) net take-home pay was only $400.
9. Even after paying costs and taxes they will still a) gross b) net a small fortune.
10. By the end of the year they will have a) grossed b) netted over a billion roubles. But then the tax man will come knocking.