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island/ Iceland/ Ireland Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Iceland is an a) island b) Ireland in the North Atlantic Ocean.
2. By definition an a) island b) Iceland is completely surrounded by water.
3. They have lived in a) island b) Iceland for two years.
4. Are Ireland and a) island b) Iceland two separate islands?
5. How do you pronounce the country a) island b) Iceland in American English?
6. How far is Ireland from the a) island b) Ireland of Iceland?
7. I think a) island b) Iceland is an island, isn't it?
8. We stayed in the capital of a) island b) Ireland for three weeks.
9. The word a) island b) Iceland is not always spelled with a capital "I".
10. Do you really live on a tropical a) island b) Ireland in the South Pacific?