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lay/lie Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I'm not feeling well. I'm going to a) lay b) lie down for an hour.
2. Could you a) lie b) lay the cookies out on a tray?
3. The baby is a) lying b) laying in the stroller in the hallway.
4. They have a) laid b) lain the new grass, but they haven't watered it yet.
5. I a) lied b) lay in the recliner for a while but I did't fall asleep.
6. My neighbour a) lied b) laid about the cost of the fence materials.
7. The envelopes have been a) laying b) lying on my desk since Friday.
8. Is it okay if my grandma a) lays b) lies down on this bench?
9. The chickens a) have laid b) have lain their eggs. Now we're waiting for the eggs to hatch.
10. I'm sunburnt. I a) lay b) lied out in the sun all day yesterday.