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loose/lose Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. If I don't put my keys in my pocket I always a) lose b) loose them.
2. If you don't look after your staff you'll a) lose b) loose them.
3. My belt's been a) lose b) loose since I lost 5 kg.
4. How did the animals get a) lose b) loose last night?
5. Has somebody a) lost b) loosed a ring?
6. So who won and who a) lost b) loosed the match?
7. The police are warning people there's a lion a) lose b) loose in the town.
8. He said a) losing b) to loose the match was quite a shock to them.
9. You'd better have this T-shirt. It's far too a) lose b) loose on me.
10. Tighten this connector or the trailer will come a) lost b) loose on the road.