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almost/most Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. It's raining. I think a) most b) almost people will be late.
2. They were so rude that I a) most b) almost walked out.
3. Almost a) somebody b) nobody came to the party.
4. We took a) most of b) almost the food to Grandma's.
5. I've been to a) most b) almost all the countries in Asia.
6. What he said was so stupid. I a) most b) almost laughed.
7. We have invited almost a) all b) every our friends to the wedding.
8. I'm afraid a) almost b) almost all the eggs got broken.
9. Most of a) friends b) my friends passed the exam.
10. She's still in hospital. She a) almost b) almost all died in the accident.