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raise/rise Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. What time does the sun a) rise b) raise tomorrow?
2. Does the Queen a) rise b) raise from her throne for the national anthem?
3. House prices have been a) raising b) rising over the past few years.
4. Will the landlord a) raise b) rise the rent in January?
5. If you know the answer, a) rise b) raise your hand.
6. After the storm, the water a) rose b) raised above the riverbanks.
7. We will a) lower b) rise the flag to half-mast on November 11th.
8. Is it true that they are a) raising b) rising the legal drinking age to 21?
9. The elevator a) rose b) raised to the top of the tower in under a minute.
10. It was cool all week, but the temperature a) raised b) rose over the weekend.