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England/UK Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. The UK is made up of: a) Great Britain and N. Ireland b) Scotland, England and Rep. of Ireland c) Wales, Scotland and all of Ireland
2. The word "British" is: a) synonymous with "English" b) a noun for an inhabitant of Britain c) an adjective meaning "related to the UK"
3. Which of the following is wrong? You can use the term a) "UK" as an adjective. b) "England" to mean United Kingdom. c) "British" for a person from Scotland.
4. Which of the following is the largest division of the UK by land and population? a) The Republic of Ireland b) England c) Wales
5. Which name is used for the UK's team in the Olympic Games? a) Team England b) Britain and Ireland c) Great Britain
6. The United Kingdom is called a "Kingdom" because: a) it's a large island with many divisions b) its head of state is a king or queen c) it is located in Europe
7. The capital of the UK is: a) London b) England c) Wales
8. A "sovereign country": a) is powerful in the world b) has its own government c) is part of a federation
9. What is the name for the main island of the UK? a) England b) Great Britain c) Northern Ireland
10. What passport would a Scottish citizen of the UK normally hold? a) British b) Brittany c) Briton