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dislike/unlike Quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. The cookies from the bakery taste a lot a) dislike b) like mine.
2. I a) dislike b) unlike spicy food.
3. It is a) dislike b) unlike my brother to go to the opera.
4. At first I Liked the video. After watching it again I a) Unliked b) unliked it.
5. I like eating spaghetti, but I a) unlike b) dislike the smell of it.
6. Sarah can be annoying at times, but I don't a) unlike b) dislike her.
7. The principal asked us all to go online and a) Like b) like the school blog.
8. I used to like Mary until she lied to me. Now I a) unlike b) dislike her.
9. Those look a) like b) unlike mine. They are the same size and colour.
10. I don't a) dislike b) like the paint colour. I'd just prefer it a bit darker.