English Phonetic Spelling Alphabet

English Phonetic Spelling/International Phonetic Alphabet

When speaking on the telephone or in noisy environments, it is sometimes useful to spell a word using the English Phonetic Spelling Alphabet. To spell "CLUB", for example, you would say: "C for Charlie, L for Lima, U for Uniform, B for Bravo."

ENGLISHCLUB - I'll spell that for you. E for Echo, N for November, G for Golf, L for Lima, I for India, S for Sierra, H for Hotel, C for Charlie, L for Lima, U for Uniform, B for Bravo

A for Alpha

B for Bravo

C for Charlie

D for Delta

E for Echo

F for Foxtrot

G for Golf

H for Hotel

I for India

J for Juliet

K for Kilo

L for Lima

M for Mike

N for November

O for Oscar

P for Papa

Q for Quebec

R for Romeo

S for Sierra

T for Tango

U for Uniform

V for Victor

W for Whisky

X for X-ray

Y for Yankee

Z for Zulu

It is very easy to learn this Spelling Alphabet. Start by spelling your name, then your company or address. Soon, you will know the whole alphabet. It also helps to remember that there are several groups of words that go together:

The English Phonetic Spelling Alphabet is widely used by police and military organizations, including NATO. It is sometimes called the "NATO Phonetic Alphabet" but in fact it predates NATO by several decades. It is also sometimes called, wrongly, the "International Phonetic Alphabet".