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Family Vocabulary Exercises

These exercises will help you remember the family vocabulary you have learned. For 1 and 3 you could upload your results to your page on MyEnglishClub or other social network.

1. Word practice

Find a photograph of you with your family. Label yourself as "me" and then label the other people in relationship to you (eg "mother", "sister", "brother" etc). You can do this with a marker pen or graphics program.

2. Reading Practice

Read the following birth announcement. Then answer the questions below it. (Answers at bottom of page.)

Paul and Kerry McDonald would like to welcome their new son Christopher Casey to the clan! Weighing 4.2 kilograms, Chris was born on January 2nd at 3:30pm. He will join sister Rachel, 6 and brother Malcolm, 4 in the McDonald household in Vancouver, Canada. Christopher's proud aunts Kathy McDonald and Sherry Smith were present at his birth. Grandparents, Lisa and Mike Smith were also present. Chris's grandmother in Texas will be arriving soon to meet her new grandson. Cousins Jerry, Fern, and Lindsay can't wait to meet baby Chris too! The proud parents would like to thank all of their extended family for the warm wishes and gifts.
  1. What is Christopher's mother's name?
  2. Who are Christopher's siblings?
  3. How is Kathy McDonald related to the newborn?
  4. Who will be coming to see Chris soon ?
  5. Who is Kathy in relation to Kerry?

3. Writing Practice

a) Make your own birth announcement. You don't have to include all of your family members. Make sure to mention some of your extended relatives. Which family members were present at the time of your birth?

b) Create your own family tree in English. Add the names of your family members in the correct spots. Label each family member with their relationship to you (for example: mother, sister etc).

Answers to Reading Practice
  1. Christopher's mother's name is Kerry.
  2. Christopher's siblings are Rachel and Malcolm.
  3. Kathy McDonald is Christopher's aunt.
  4. Chris's grandmother will be coming to see him soon.
  5. Kathy is Kerry's sister-in-law.