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Family Vocabulary Quiz

This quiz will test you on the family vocabulary you have learned.

1. My mother's daughter is my: a) aunt b) cousin c) sister
2. My mother's mother is my: a) auntie b) great aunt c) grandmother
3. My father's son is my: a) uncle b) cousin c) brother
4. My step-mother's son is my: a) step-brother b) cousin c) step-son
5. My brother's daughter is my: a) nephew b) cousin c) niece
6. My aunt's children are my: a) uncles b) parents c) cousins
7. My grandpa's father is my: a) great uncle b) great grandpa c) uncle
8. My dad's brother is my: a) uncle b) cousin c) nephew
9. My sister's husband is my: a) brother b) sibling c) brother-in-law
10. My female spouse is my: a) grandmother b) mother-in-law c) wife