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Christmas Vocabulary Quiz

Tests vocabulary from EnglishClub's Christmas Vocabulary page. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

1. Christmas is a religious festival that celebrates the _______ of Jesus Christ.

a) birth b) life c) death

2. Christmas Eve is on

December 24
December 25
December 26
a) December 24 b) December 25 c) December 26

3. Christians believe Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a small town in

Southern Europe
Northern Africa
the Middle East
a) Southern Europe b) Northern Africa c) the Middle East

4. Which is found in most Christian homes during the Christmas holidays?

a bearded man in a red suit
a tree decorated with tinsel
a small herd of reindeer
a) a bearded man in a red suit b) a tree decorated with tinsel c) a small herd of reindeer

5. Many children think that _______ brings their Christmas presents.

Father Christmas
an angel
a Christmas ghost
a) Father Christmas b) an angel c) a Christmas ghost

6. How many gifts did the wise men from the East bring for Jesus?

a) one b) three c) twelve

7. Which is traditionally eaten at Christmas?

a) tinsel b) mistletoe c) turkey

8. Father Christmas is also known as

Santa Christmas
Santa Claus
Father Claus
a) Santa Christmas b) Santa Claus c) Father Claus

9. Old songs and hymns written especially for Christmas are called

Christmas carols
Santa songs
holiday hits
a) Christmas carols b) Santa songs c) holiday hits

10. Which is a common abbreviation of "Christmas"?

a) Cmas b) Ex-mas c) Xmas

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Contributor: Matt Errey. Matt is the author of several books including 1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context and Common English Idioms for learners, and Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes for teachers.