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Animal Idioms Quiz

Try this multiple-choice quiz to check your understanding of animal idioms.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. I a) made a beeline b) horsed around c) chickened out for the brownies as soon as I got to the party.
2. My aunt could listen to Frank Sinatra until the a) horses b) cats c) cows come home.
3. I'll be in the a) fish bowl b) hen hut c) dog house if I stay out too late tonight.
4. A a) little bird b) big donkey c) quiet mouse told me that you are writing a book.
5. My oldest brother got the a) lion's b) horse's c) monkey's share of the punishment when we were growing up.
6. I always feel better after a a) cat nap b) beeline c) dog house in the afternoon.
7. I asked Joe to a) chicken out b) hold his horses c) copy cat but he left without me.
8. My mother used to tell us to go to the basement to a) pig b) ant c) horse around.
9. If you want Lisa to date you, you'll have to a) hear it from the horse's mouth b) take the bull by the horns c) kill two birds with one stone and ask her.
10. The baseball game was cancelled because it's been raining a) cows and pigs b) cats and dogs c) birds and fish all week.