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Animal Idioms Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests many of the idioms on our Animal Idioms page.

1. I _______ for the brownies as soon as I got to the party.

made a beeline
horsed around
chickened out
a) made a beeline b) horsed around c) chickened out

2. My grandma could listen to Frank Sinatra until the _______ come home.

a) horses b) cats c) cows

3. I'll be in the _______ if I stay out too late tonight.

fish bowl
kitty corner
dog house
a) fish bowl b) kitty corner c) dog house

4. A _______ told me that you're writing a book.

little bird
copy cat
quiet mouse
a) little bird b) copy cat c) quiet mouse

5. My oldest brother got the _______ share of the punishment when we were growing up.

a) lion's b) horse's c) monkey's

6. I always feel better after a _______ in the afternoon.

clam up
cat nap
rat race
a) clam up b) cat nap c) rat race

7. I asked Joe to _______ but he left without me.

smell a rat
hold his horses
drop like flies
a) smell a rat b) hold his horses c) drop like flies

8. Mum told us to go outside if we wanted to _______ around.

a) pig b) fish c) horse

9. If you want Lisa to date you, you'll have to

have ants in your pants
take the bull by the horns
kill two birds with one stone
a) have ants in your pants b) take the bull by the horns c) kill two birds with one stone

10. The game's been cancelled because it's raining

cows and pigs
cats and dogs
birds and bees
a) cows and pigs b) cats and dogs c) birds and bees

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