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Body Idioms Quiz

Try this multiple-choice quiz to check your understanding of idioms based on the body.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. It was such a sad movie that I a) cried my heart out b) got cold feet c) was in over my head throughout.
2. I cut my own hair because the hairdresser costs a) break a leg b) an arm and a leg c) an old hand these days.
3. a) See eye to eye. b) Stick your neck out. c) Keep your chin up. I'm sure someone will find your kitten.
4. I love cotton candy. I have a sweet a) mouth b) tongue c) tooth to be honest.
5. I'm just a) catching b) cutting c) pulling your leg. I didn't really dye my hair blue.
6. I like to drink wine and a) get things off my chest b) see eye to eye c) let my hair down at the weekend.
7. Let's get together in my a) neck b) hand c) foot of the woods for once.
8. We're going away for the week. Can you keep a) an eye b) a hair c) a foot on our house?
9. It makes my a) teeth ache b) mouth drop c) blood boil when people don't clear their snowy sidewalks.
10. I should know his phone number by a) mind b) heart c) eye after all this time.