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Clothing Idioms Quiz

Try this multiple-choice quiz to check your understanding of idioms based on clothes and clothing.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. My brother got so angry. I had to tell him to keep his a) shoe b) shirt c) coat on.
2. The goalkeeper is going to have to a) pull up his socks b) burst at the seams c) keep it zipped if he wants to win them the tournament.
3. These are my favourite jeans because they a) pull up my socks b) wear the tousers c) fit like a glove every time.
4. The boss is going to roll up his a) pants b) sleeves c) socks and cook pancakes for all of us.
5. I wouldn't trust Alain to help you. He always talks through his a) hat b) coat c) socks about favours.
6. Jody gets a bee in her a) shoe b) scarf c) bonnet when the kids don't put their toys away.
7. My father always has a a) card b) coin c) rock up his sleeve at Christmas time. Last year he took us to Hawaii.
8. I was a) dressed to the nines b) with my thinking cap on c) bursting at the seams after the buffet dinner.
9. I'm going to have to a) handle with kid gloves b) buckle down c) keep it zipped if I want to get this essay done in time.
10. Maria wears the a) shirt b) sleeves c) trousers so she tells Steve where and when he can go out.