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Clothing Idioms Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests many of the idioms on our Clothing Idioms page.

1. When my brother got angry I told him to keep his _______ on.

a) shoe b) shirt c) coat

2. Our goalkeeper's going to have to _______ if he wants to win.

pull up his socks
burst at the seams
dress to kill
a) pull up his socks b) burst at the seams c) dress to kill

3. These are my favourite jeans because they

keep it zipped
wear the trousers
fit like a glove
a) keep it zipped b) wear the trousers c) fit like a glove

4. Our boss told us to roll up our _______ and finish the job as soon as possible.

a) pants b) sleeves c) socks

5. He was talking too much so I told him to put a _______ in it.

a) hat b) shoe c) sock

6. Jody gets a bee in her _______ when the kids don't put away their toys.

a) britches b) boots c) bonnet

7. She told us to put our _______ on and solve the problem.

thinking caps
hat tricks
a) thinking caps b) hat tricks c) trousers

8. Everyone at the wedding looked great. They were all

dressed to the nines
bursting at the seams
riding their coattails
a) dressed to the nines b) bursting at the seams c) riding their coattails

9. I'm going to have to _______ if I want to get this essay done in time.

handle with kid gloves
buckle down
burn a hole in my pocket
a) handle with kid gloves b) buckle down c) burn a hole in my pocket

10. Maria always tells her husband what to do. She's the one who wears

the shirt
the birthday suit
the trousers
a) the shirt b) the birthday suit c) the trousers

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