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Colour Idioms Quiz

Try this multiple-choice quiz to check your understanding of idioms based on colour and colours.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. My face goes a) beet red b) golden c) silver when I'm embarrassed.
2. The boxer was a) green as grass b) black and blue c) a black sheep after round 10.
3. When you have the blues you feel: a) sick b) depressed c) hungry
4. I only eat meat once in a a) green day b) yellow star c) blue moon in general.
5. This volunteer job is my a) red carpet b) golden opportunity c) red tape to get experience in the industry.
6. When something happens out of the blue it is: a) surprising b) unwelcome c) embarrassing
7. If I caught the red eye, I took: a) a slow bus b) an early train c) a late flight
8. We were given the a) black sheep b) green light c) gray area to book our holiday time.
9. A man who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth has always been: a) rich b) wise c) hungry
10. People often show their a) blues b) true colours c) rainbows when they've had too much to drink.