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Geography Idioms Quiz

Try this multiple-choice quiz to check your understanding of idioms based on geography and weather.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. The tickets were a) dirt b) earth c) rock cheap because it was a last-minute sale.
2. I guess it's time I a) kept my head above water b) made a mountain out of a molehill c) hit the road 'coz I have to go make dinner.
3. I felt like a) the tip of the iceberg b) a stick-in-the-mud c) out of the woods as I was the only one who wasn't in costume.
4. Business has been going a) underground b) downhill c) riverside ever since the bad weather started.
5. We made a sign that read a) Take a raincheck b) Rain on my parade c) Over the hill for Tonya's 50th birthday.
6. I was on cloud a) eight b) nine c) ten when Doug asked me to marry him.
7. I'll be up the a) river b) creek c) lake if I don't get to work on time.
8. The President has won the election by a) an earthquake b) a landslide c) an avalanche according to the news.
9. We'll have to take a a) rain b) wind c) weather check on dinner. My husband has flu.
10. The broken window is just the tip of the a) mountain b) hill c) iceberg because we need new brakes and tires too.